Jean Jacques Beaudoin

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Both tumour suppressor and oncogenic functions have been ascribed to the atypical zeta isoform of protein kinase C (PKCζ), whereas its constitutively active form PKMζ is almost exclusively expressed in the brain where it has a role in long-term memory. Using primers unique for either isoform, we found that both PKCζ and PKMζ were expressed in a subset of(More)
With the availability of low cost high performance DSP chips characterized by the execution of most instructions in one instruction cycle, complicated control algorithms can be executed with fast speed, making very high sampling rate possible for digitally-controlled inverters. Control methods, which generate the necessary pulse space vector modulation(More)
The self-excited squirrel cage induction generator (SEIG) is very appreciated in energy conversion systems principally because of its robustness. However, voltage regulation and control of these generators are still important issues to their usage. The dual stator induction generator (DIG) is a potential improvement of the SEIG that regain attention in the(More)
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