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—A novel Nonlinear Model Predictive Control (NMPC) scheme is proposed in order to shape the harmonic response of constrained nonlinear systems. The salient ingredient is the short-time Fourier transform (STFT) of the system's output signal, which is constrained in an NMPC problem, leading to the novel formulation of so-called spectrum constraints. Recursive(More)
In situ imaging techniques are a promising direction for monitoring the distribution of crystal sizes and shapes during a crystallization process. Nevertheless, no tractable method yet exists for estimating complex crystal shapes. In this paper, an in situ imaging setup is presented and a novel algorithm for crystal shape estimation from a pair of images is(More)
The size and shape of particles crucially influences the characteristics of solid products. Until recently these quantities were evaluated using light microscopy. However, extracting the three-dimensional shape of a faceted crystal from a single image is a formidable computer vision challenge. In this work we combine stereoscopic imaging devices (e.g.,(More)
Mean-Field is an efficient way to approximate a posterior distribution in complex graph-ical models and constitutes the most popular class of Bayesian variational approximation methods. In most applications, the mean field distribution parameters are computed using an alternate coordinate minimization. However, the convergence properties of this algorithm(More)
— A novel augmented Lagrangian method for solving non-convex programs with nonlinear cost and constraint couplings in a distributed framework is presented. The proposed decomposition algorithm is made of two layers: The outer level is a standard multiplier method with penalty on the nonlinear equality constraints, while the inner level consists of a(More)
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