Jean Ho Chu

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Museums are exploring new ways of using emerging digital technologies to enhance the visitor experience. In this context, our research focuses on designing, developing and studying interactions for museum exhibits that introduce cultural concepts in ways that are tangible and embodied. We introduce here a tangible tabletop installation piece that was(More)
The "Universal Threshold Object" is a tangible device for television-like interactive narratives based on the TV show American Horror Story. The project uses gestural interactions with a tangible controller that provides haptic feedback as an interaction strategy to augment the narrative pleasures of immersion and dramatic agency. We leverage a branching(More)
This paper presents a preliminary framework to inform the analysis and design of tangible narratives. Researchers and designers have been using tangible user interfaces (TUIs) for storytelling over the past two decades, but to date no comprehensive analysis of these systems exists. We argue that storytelling systems that use digitally-enhanced physical(More)
We present three prototypes that aim to elicit historical and experiential qualities of 16th century prayer-nuts through narrative design and sensory interactions. Our goal is to enhance the presentation of cultural artifacts that must be presented behind glass to ensure their conservation. We aim to provide visitors with opportunities to form personalized(More)
Tangible and embodied interactions can provide a means to bring performative and participatory activities that have a physical presence in the real world into the narrated story world. This research investigates how to employ tangible narrative interfaces for learning about and reflecting on cultural practices. The research is informed by tangible interface(More)
  • Jean Ho Chu
  • Conference on Designing Interactive Systems
  • 2016
My research investigates narrative as a design approach to guide through tangible and embodied experiences with cultural heritage and history. The goal of this research is to investigate ways to provide visitors narrative agency and a context of interaction that would in turn motivate and support visitors to participate in meaning-making.
This paper describes the research and design of three tangible and embodied prototypes that aim to enable users to meaningfully engage with an artifact's historical context and use. Together, these prototypes engage users in a cultural heritage experience that is sensorially embodied through a 'multimodal' ensemble of visual, aural, tactile, and olfactory(More)
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