Jean-Henry Morin

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• MEDIA l is a pla~orm that allows the commercialization and dissemination o f electronic documents under similar conditions as printed documents using an agent-based, distributed and secure platform. Documents in the MEDIA system are encapsulated within agents which the reader must execute in order to access their contents. The developed pilot application(More)
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) represent service management contracts that are processed by monitoring and measurement mechanisms for the evaluation of the signatories adherence to the agreed service levels during service execution. The paper discusses SLA data management characteristics that need to be considered in the design of data models for SLA(More)
Enterprise DRM is still dominated by vendor driven proprietary approaches fundamentally lacking interoperability features and essentially relying on strong cryptography lacking the flexibility to accommodate unanticipated work situations requiring exceptional actions. Consequently users increasingly circumvent corporate security policies just to get their(More)
This paper examines the issues surrounding the charging for the use of electronic documents. While traditional systems charge for the release of the document, we have adopted the approach of distributing intelligent documents (agents) that can initiate the billing procedure when the user wishes to view the document. We first present the requirements that(More)
The application marketplaces in the smart phone ecosystem are fostering open innovation by incentivizing developers to create software applications. These application marketplaces play the role of unified channels for distribution of third party innovation artifacts such as software applications. Although the vision of the Internet of Things has existed(More)
Cloud computing has given rise to on-demand service provisioning and massive outsourcing of IT infrastructures and applications to virtual, commoditized ones. Despite the broad Service Level Agreement (SLA) usage in scientific settings, their role in cloud markets is peripheral and misinterpreted. The paper introduces a SLA graph data model that supports(More)