Jean H de Oliveira

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Reinvestigation of the extract of the ascidian Didemnum granulatum collected on the Brazilian coastline led to the isolation of two minor compounds, granulatimide (2) and 6-bromogranulatimide (3), which have been identified by analysis of their spectroscopic data. The isolation of 2 and 3 from D. granulatum corroborates previous assumptions about the(More)
Hydrogels based on alginate and tanfloc (a cationic biopolymer obtained from natural condensed tannins) were successfully prepared. Tanfloc (TN) presents high aqueous solubility at pHs lower than 10; it contains substituted amino sites and molar weight of ca. 600,000gmol-1. A factorial design (22) was used to optimize the yield of alginate/tanfloc(More)
Thermosensitive hydrogels based on chitosan/pectin (CS/Pec) and CS/Pec/gold nanoparticles (CS/Pec/AuNPs) were successfully prepared with different AuNP levels. Using a tilting method, gelation temperature was demonstrated to decrease when the amount of AuNPs increased and pectin concentrations decreased. The presence of AuNPs in the CS/Pec composite was(More)
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