Jean-Guy Schneider

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Experience has shown us that object-oriented technology alone is not enough to guarantee that the systems we develop will be flexible and adaptable. Even “welldesigned” object-oriented software may be difficult to understand and adapt to new requirements. We propose a conceptual framework that will help yield more flexible object-oriented systems by(More)
Criticism is sometimes leveled at the academic Software Engineering community on the basis that current educational practices are too document-centric. Both students and practitioners have suggested that one of the popular, lighter-weight, agile methods would be a better choice. This paper examines the educational goals for undergraduate Software(More)
Cloud computing delivers IT solutions as a utility to users. One consequence of this model is that large cloud data centres consume large amounts of energy and produce significant carbon footprints. A common objective of cloud providers is to develop resource provisioning and management solutions that minimise energy consumption while guaranteeing Service(More)
When operating in volatile environments, service-based systems (SBSs) that are built through dynamic composition of component services must be monitored in order to guarantee the response times of the SBSs. In particular, the critical path of a composite SBS, i.e., the execution path in the service composition with the maximum execution time, should be(More)
Policy based management in service oriented architecture (SOA) allows organizations to apply rules and regulations on their business processes. Policy has long been employed in the management of traditional distributed systems and many policy frameworks have been proposed. However, SOA differs in several aspects to traditional systems thus there is a unique(More)
Cloud computing delivers computing as a utility to users worldwide. A consequence of this model is that cloud data centres have high deployment and operational costs, as well as significant carbon footprints for the environment. We need to develop Green Cloud Computing (GCC) solutions that reduce these deployment and operational costs and thus save energy(More)