Jean Guibert

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Oil spills in the ocean are one of major environmental concerns, especially in the costal waters. Multispectral satellite sensors, such as AVHRR, MODIS and MERIS, have been used to detect oil spills which often exhibit a differing spectral reflectance than the surrounding waters. Some simple image processing methods, such as contrast enhancement, have been(More)
Safe and efficient vaccination is important for rabies prevention in domestic animals. Replicative vectors expressing the rabies virus glycoprotein, derived from canine adenovirus have been reported to be promising vaccines in various animal models. In this paper we compare the potential of a replicative and a non-replicative vector, both based on canine(More)
We present final results from the first phase of the EROS search for gravitational microlensing of stars in the Magellanic Clouds by unseen deflectors (machos: MAssive Compact Halo Objects). The search is sensitive to events with time scales between 15 minutes and 200 days corresponding to deflector masses in the range 10 to a few M⊙. Two events were(More)
We present the light curve of an unusual variable object, DUO 2, detected during the search for mi-crolensing events by the DUO project. The star remained stable for more than 150 days before it brightened by more than two magnitudes in 6 days in the B and R bands. The light curves are achromatic during the variability. We consider possible explanations of(More)
The microlensing candidates found in the first DUO season are presented here. Statistical tests show that these candidates stand well above the noise distribution. The analysis of their colours shows in addition that they are not related with pulsating variable stars. We also conclude that they are unlikely to be associated with cataclysmic variables.(More)
This is an investigation of the periodluminosity relation of classical Cepheids in samples of different metallicity. It is based on 481 Cepheids in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds from the blue and red filter CCD observations (most similar to VJ & RJ) of the French EROS microlensing project. The data-set is complete and provides an excellent basis for(More)
We report the detection of ∼1 500 RR Lyrae of Bailey type ab located in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy (Sgr). These variables have been detected on two ESO Schmidt fields centred on (l,b)=(3.1,-7.1) and (6.6,10.8), covering an area of ∼50 deg. We present a surface density map of Sgr based on the spatial distribution of these RRab, allowing us to trace its(More)
  • N Phan-Bao, F Crifo, +7 authors J Vetois
  • 2003
This paper reports updated results on our systematic mining of the DENIS database for nearby very cool M-dwarfs (M6V-M8V, 2.0 ≤ I − J ≤ 3.0, photometric distance within 30 pc), initiated by Phan-Bao et al. (2001, hereafter Paper I). We use M dwarfs with well measured parallaxes (HIP, GCTP,...) to calibrate the DENIS (MI, I − J) colour-luminosity(More)