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We have developed a reliable and reproducible method to induce synchrony of the DNA synthetic cycle in the Kinetoplastida. The method involves treatment of cultures with 20 mM hydroxyurea (HU) and fetal bovine serum. Both stationary-phase and exponential-phase cultures can be synchronized. However, in the case of exponential-phase cultures the population(More)
Caffeine (CAF) but not 3-isobutyl 1-methyl-xanthine (IBMX) displayed a strong DNA anti-repair effect in G2 prophase, as estimated by the frequency of abnormal chromosomes in anaphase-telophase found shortly after treatment. IBMX is more effective than CAF in inhibiting cytokinesis, while the binucleate cells formed by a short treatment with any of these two(More)
We present new data on a vitreous polycarbonate (PC) and its fragility index. Measurements have been performed by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). A comparison with other data already published in this field and concerning other linear polymers is made. We show that when experiments are performed by means of DSC, the use of the(More)
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