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Developing broadband and internet technologies offers possibilities for new ways of minimizing the server bottleneck in online gaming as well as an increase in response and reliability. We look at a peer-to-peer (P2P) approach to circumnavigate some of the reliance on the central server and propose a protocol designed to increase responsiveness and(More)
– Due to the criticality of spatial data in decision making processes that range from military targeting to urban planning it is vital that transmission of spatial data be authenticable and secure. Cryptographic methods can be utilized for this purpose, however they can be relatively slow, especially when encrypting voluminous quantities of data such as is(More)
He has an active research program in the areas of cyber security, distributed systems , and software engineering. His research interests include mobile code management and security, and intelligent software agents for cyber security. He is involved in numerous ongoing research projects with the DoD and maintains collaborative relationships with members of(More)
This paper proposes an integrating mathematical method that unifies a new Contextual Processing model with that of the Spicule visual authentication method. In previous work the Spicule has been initially determined to be much faster at generation of authentication signatures for spatial data than standard encryption methods. It however could be much faster(More)
I believe that research and teaching collectively support one another. Research strengthens teaching; teaching sustains research. As a result, a lot of what drives my research is not only based on my personal interests within the field of computer science, but is also influenced by what I teach and, perhaps more specifically, the feedback that I receive(More)
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