Jean Ginsburg

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A 2-year placebo-controlled, randomized, two-center prospective study was carried out to assess the effects of tibolone (Org OD14, Livial) on trabecular and cortical bone mass and bone biochemistry parameters in elderly postmenopausal women with and without previous fractures. In total, 107 subjects, 71 with fractures and 36 without fractures, were(More)
OBJECTIVE The syndrome of androgen insensitivity, a paradigm of a hormone resistance syndrome, manifests as failure of masculinization despite normal or high concentrations of serum testosterone. The defect in these 46 XY patients resides in the androgen receptor gene, with consequent defective androgen action and abnormal sexual differentiation. We sought(More)
THE syndrome of hypertrophic pulmonary osteoarthropathy is one of the most striking systemic manifestations of a localized carcinoma. The majority of cases are associated with a primary carcinoma of the bronchus, of any cell type, but which is frequently peripheral in position (Ray and Fisher, I953; Semple and McCluskie, 1955). Pulmonary osteoarthropathy(More)
The aim of human menopausal gonadotropin treatment (hMG), to simulate normal follicular development by injecting FSH and LH and induce follicular rupture with hCG, is rarely met. Multiple follicular development occurs because hypothalamic-pituitary feedback is bypassed. This, exacerbated by the long half-life of hCG, causes the principal complications of(More)