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Tibolone (Livial), a synthetic steroid, relieves climacteric symptoms and maintains skeletal integrity in postmenopausal women. We have been using this compound for 8 years and have now reviewed our clinical experience in 301 postmenopausal women. The majority (65.12%) had not previously received climacteric therapy; 34.55% had previously received(More)
A 2-year placebo-controlled, randomized, two-center prospective study was carried out to assess the effects of tibolone (Org OD14, Livial) on trabecular and cortical bone mass and bone biochemistry parameters in elderly postmenopausal women with and without previous fractures. In total, 107 subjects, 71 with fractures and 36 without fractures, were(More)
Circulatory responses during spontaneous and stress induced menopausal flushes were measured by a plethysmographic technique. With the onset of symptoms there was an immediate and marked increase in hand blood flow which was sustained over three to four minutes and then fell to control levels over a further three minutes. Forearm and calf flow increased(More)
Ultrasonic measurement of ovarian follicles was used in conjunction with conventional measurement of urinary oestrogen output to monitor responses in infertile women receiving gonadotrophin stimulant therapy. In the 21 women who conceived during the first 15 months, in which this combined monitoring was used, ultrasound proved superior to oestrogen(More)