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The aim of this research is to implement sensorless vector control algorithms on a single, eventually reconfigurable, chip, with a computation timing constraint of, at most, 1-6 microseconds, and a concern for implementation cost. In this article, we discuss the implementation problems and tradeoffs involved in meeting these goals on field-programmable gate(More)
This paper proposes a method of implementing parallel gene prediction algorithms in MATLAB. The proposed designs are based on either Goertzel’s algorithm or on FFTs and have been implemented using varying amounts of parallelism on a central processing unit (CPU) and on a graphics processing unit (GPU). Results show that an implementation using a(More)
Mechatronic systems are complex interdisciplinary products where many parts are present that overlap each other; electronic control board, electromechanical machines, and power drives. With FPGAs, their control can run faster as multiple operations are executed in parallel. A simulation tool that facilitates the direct translation into hardware of(More)
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