Jean-Francois Duplan

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Experiments were carried out to compare the therapeutic efficiency (TE: number of CFU required to reduce the mortality from 100 to 50 per cent) of spleen or marrow (BM) stem cells (CFU) grafted into lethally irradiated mice (807 rad) which had been previously treated with 89Sr or splenectomized. It was found that during the reconstitution of the(More)
The kinetics of the CFU population and of erythropoiesis were investigated in the AKR strain mouse prior to the onset of thymic leukaemias: haemopoiesis was compared in syngeneic AKR, semi-allogenic C3H and (C3H X AKR) F1 mice injected with AKR stem cells. These experiments demonstrate that the reduction in The number of spleen colonies previously described(More)
This report describes pulse-chase experiments performed with cells infected with tumour-derived bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) and using purified gamma-globulins directed against BLV structural proteins, namely gp51, p24, p15 and p12. A gpr72 was found to be the precursor of the gp51 with a gpr70 intermediate. The p12 was shown to be derived from a pr40 with(More)
Bovine leukaemia virus (BLV) is known to be the aetiological agent of enzootic bovine lymphosarcoma. As the mechanism of tumour induction is unknown, we analysed the viral proteins expressed in cultured bovine cells of different origin, i.e. from enzootic or sporadic tumourous tissues, normal cells infected or not with BLV, and the reference FLK-BLV cells.(More)
Luekaemogenesis and repopulation of the lymphoid system have been studied in sub-lethally irradiated (c3h x akr/t1ald) f1 hybrids which have been restored with parental Bone Marrow (BM) cells with or without thymic cells. The metacentric marker of the T1ALD sub-strain made it possible to identify the host or donor orgin of leukaemias. Leukaemias occur(More)
BACKGROUND Exogenous surfactant therapy of lung donors improves the preservation of normal canine grafts. The current study was designed to determine whether exogenous surfactant can mitigate the damage in lung grafts induced by mechanical ventilation before procurement. METHODS AND RESULTS Five donor dogs were subjected to 8 hours of mechanical(More)
We have previously documented alterations in endogenous surfactant after lung transplantation and improved graft function in some dogs after instillation of bovine lipid extract surfactant (bLES) into the recipient. To determine the effect of bLES delivery method and timing of treatment on physiologic response and surfactant recovery, 21 canine left lung(More)