Jean-François Witz

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Small-angle neutron scattering from solutions of small RNA viruses has been used to study protein-nucleic acid organisation. In the five viruses investigated the RNA is confined to a sphere of about 100 A radius, with a central hole (with one possible exception). The interpenetration of RNA and protein varies with viruses and seems to be related to the(More)
The woman pelvic system involves multiple organs, muscles, ligaments, and fasciae where different pathologies may occur. Here we are most interested in abnormal mobility, often caused by complex and not fully understood mechanisms. Computer simulation and modeling using the finite element (FE) method are the tools helping to better understand the(More)
Genital prolapse is a pathologic hyper-mobility of the organs that forms the pelvic system. Although this is common condition, the pathophysiology of this disorder is not well known. In order to improve the understanding of its origins, we recreate--virtually--this biomechanical pathology using numerical simulation. The approach builds on a finite element(More)
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