Jean-François Simon

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Keywords: Impulsive pressure loads Direct pressure-pulse experiments Physics-based constitutive models Finite-element analysis Fluid-structure interaction Metal-polymer bilayer composites a b s t r a c t Results of computational modeling and simulation of the response of monolithic DH-36 steel plates and bilayer steel-polyurea plates to impulsive loads in(More)
Chemin des chevreuils 1 (B52) B-4000Lì ege (Belgium) ABSTRACT This paper describes a throughlow analysis tool based on a modern finite-volume approach. The numerical model is obtained by averaging the 3-D Navier-Stokes equations in the blade passage, keeping only the axisymmetric part of the equations. The averaging reduces the spatial dimension of the(More)
The dependence of electric conductance (admittance) of the stem on seedling water content (on the relative water content related to dry matter, or on the water saturation deficit, respectively) was followed in spruce and pine seedlings. The dependence was statistically highly significant and strong:r = 0.80 when individual plants were evaluated andr = 0.97(More)
In this paper, we present a novel multiphysics numerical model predicting the electromagnetic signature of rocket engine plumes. We first describe the physical and numerical model for aerothermochemical physics and for electromagnetic applications. The numerical scheme was applied to simulate the electromagnetic signature of a Black Brant rocket.
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