Jean-François Saucier

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Prenatal maternal stress has been shown to impair functioning in nonhuman primate offspring. Little is known about the effects of prenatal stress on intellectual and language development in humans because it is difficult to identify sufficiently large samples of pregnant women who have been exposed to an independent stressor. We took advantage of a natural(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine if postpartum depression (PPD) symptoms are more common in newcomer women than in Canadian-born women. METHODS Refugee, nonrefugee immigrant, asylum-seeking, and Canadian-born new mothers were administered questionnaires for depression, social support, interpersonal violence, and demographic information. We created a PPD variable(More)
BACKGROUND Refugee and asylum-seeking women in Canada may have significant harmful childbearing health outcomes and unmet health and social care needs. The most vulnerable of these women are: those who have left their countries by force (e.g., war, rape or abuse histories), are separated from their families, have limited knowledge of the host country(More)
OBJECTIVE To test Richards and Goodman's hypothesis that a higher proportion of only children under age 5 years assessed in a psychiatric department do not present a psychiatric diagnosis, compared with preschool children with 1 sibling, and to investigate other variables relative to children in this age group with no psychiatric disorder, in light of(More)
The present study examined if a short, 22-item teacher rating questionnaire could be used to screen young adolescent boys for psychiatric diagnoses. Subjects were 239 12-year-old boys from a community sample of low socioeconomic status families. Child and parent versions of the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children were used to provide DSM-III-R(More)
This article presents a case study on the use of acting with six people suffering from severe and long-lasting psychotic state. The study aims at elaborating the hypothesis on the use of this activity in readaptation. The effect of expression therapy on the development of social skills has rarely been substantiated by empirical studies. The literature(More)
UNLABELLED Birth Order, Behavioural Problems, and the Mother-Child Relationship in Siblings Aged 4 to 11 Years From a 2-Child Family OBJECTIVE This study was designed to define the relation between some sibling characteristics (birth order, sex, and interval between successive births) and some behavioral problems in children, on the one hand, and certain(More)
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