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Model checking lots of systems: efficient verification of temporal properties in software product lines
In product line engineering, systems are developed in families and differences between family members are expressed in terms of features. Formal modelling and verification is an important issue inExpand
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Featured Transition Systems: Foundations for Verifying Variability-Intensive Systems and Their Application to LTL Model Checking
The premise of variability-intensive systems, specifically in software product line engineering, is the ability to produce a large family of different systems efficiently. Many such systems areExpand
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Algorithms for Omega-Regular Games with Imperfect Information
We study observation-based strategies for two-player turn-based games on graphs with omega-regular objectives. An observation-based strategy relies on imperfect information about the history of aExpand
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Acacia+, a Tool for LTL Synthesis
We present Acacia+, a tool for solving the LTL realizability and synthesis problems. We use recent approaches that reduce these problems to safety games, and can be solved efficiently by symbolicExpand
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The Regular Real-Time Languages
A specification formalism for reactive systems defines a class of Ω-languages. We call a specification formalism fully decidable if it is constructively closed under boolean operations and has aExpand
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Antichains: A New Algorithm for Checking Universality of Finite Automata
We propose and evaluate a new algorithm for checking the universality of nondeterministic finite automata. In contrast to the standard algorithm, which uses the subset construction to explicitlyExpand
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On the optimal reachability problem of weighted timed automata
Abstract We study the cost-optimal reachability problem for weighted timed automata such that positive and negative costs are allowed on edges and locations. By optimality, we mean an infimum cost asExpand
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Model-Checking for Weighted Timed Automata
We study the model-checking problem for weighted timed automata and the weighted CTL logic by the bisimulation approach. Weighted timed automata are timed automata extended with costs on both edgesExpand
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Almost ASAP semantics: from timed models to timed implementations
In this paper, we introduce a parametric semantics for timed controllers called the Almost ASAP (as soon as possible) semantics. This semantics is a relaxation of the usual ASAP semantics (alsoExpand
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A Lattice Theory for Solving Games of Imperfect Information
In this paper, we propose a fixed point theory to solve games of imperfect information. The fixed point theory is defined on the lattice of antichains of sets of states. Contrary to the classicalExpand
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