Jean-François Mercier

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Acoustic solitons can be obtained by considering the propagation of large amplitude sound waves across a set of Helmholtz resonators. The model proposed by Sugimoto and his coauthors has been validated experimentally in previous works. Here we examine some of its theoretical properties: low-frequency regime, balance of energy, stability. We propose also(More)
A model of rent-seeking group contest is developed. The contested good is a local public good. Individuals have private information concerning their valuation for the contested good. I restrict effort levels to be dichotomous, allowing me in turn tractability of the equilibria. I show existence of an equilibrium. All contestants exert positive expected(More)
A multimodal method based on the admittance matrix is used to analyze wave propagation through scatterers of arbitrary shape. Two cases are considered: a waveguide containing scatterers, and the scattering of a plane wave at oblique incidence to an infinite periodic row of scatterers. In both cases, the problem reduces to a system of two sets of first-order(More)
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