Jean-François Mercier

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A model of rent-seeking group contest is developed. The contested good is a local public good. Individuals have private information concerning their valuation for the contested good. I restrict effort levels to be dichotomous, allowing me in turn tractability of the equilibria. I show existence of an equilibrium. All contestants exert positive expected(More)
Even though many studies have shown that radioactive caesium levels in fish caught outside of Japan were below experimental detection limits of a few Bq kg(-1), significant public concern has been expressed about the safety of consuming seafood from the Pacific Ocean following the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear accident. To address the public concerns, samples(More)
A multimodal method based on the admittance matrix is used to analyze wave propagation through scatterers of arbitrary shape. Two cases are considered: a waveguide containing scatterers, and the scattering of a plane wave at oblique incidence to an infinite periodic row of scatterers. In both cases, the problem reduces to a system of two sets of first-order(More)
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