Jean-François Lalande

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— This paper presents an algorithm for resource allocation in satellite networks 1. It deals with planning a time/frequency plan for a set of terminals with a known geometric configuration under interference constraints. Our objective is to maximize the system throughput while guaranteeing that the different types of demands are satisfied, each type using a(More)
—Covert channels enable a policy-breaking communication not foreseen by a system's design. Recently, covert channels in Android were presented and it was shown that these channels can be used by malware to leak confidential information (e.g., contacts) between applications and to the Internet. Performance aspects as well as means to counter these covert(More)
—Enforcement of security properties by Operating Systems is an open problem. To the best of our knowledge, the solution presented in this paper 1 is the first one that enables a wide range of integrity and confidentiality properties to be enforced. A unified formalization is proposed for the major properties of the literature and new ones are defined using(More)