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Chitinase 1 (Chi1) is the major extracellular chitinase from the hyperparasitic fungus, Aphanocladium album. We determined the complete sequence of the chromosomal and cDNA copies of the structural gene (chi1) coding for Chi1. The coding region is interrupted by three short introns (55, 53 and 49 bp long). Chi1 is 423 aa long and begins with a stretch of 34(More)
This paper presents an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for lane keeping, together with an analysis of its performance and stability with respect to variations in driver behavior. The automotive ADAS proposed is designed to share control of the steering wheel with the driver in the best possible way. Its development was derived from an H2-Preview(More)
A de-scriptor approach to sliding mode control of systems with time-varying delays, " Int. Stability of systems with uncertain delays: A new 'com-plete' Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, " IEEE Trans. A robust output feedback controller of the induction motor drives: New design and experimental validation, " Int.ability and observers for nonlinear systems(More)
Fifty-two strains from eight species of Fusarium were analyzed by rapid rRNA sequencing. Two highly variable stretches (138 and 214 nucleotides) of the 5' end of the 28S-like rRNA molecule were sequenced. Such stretches permit evaluation of the divergence between closely related species and even between varieties within a species. The phylogenetic tree(More)
We have exploited the recently obtained complete genome sequence of Kluyveromyces lactis to compare the repertoire of transcriptional regulators between K. lactis and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Looking for similarities with the S. cerevisiae proteins of this functional class, we observed a reduction in gene number, which is not randomly distributed among the(More)
Transcriptional transactivators are important proteins which in addition to controlling the cell regulatory circuitries, can be manipulated for various biotechnological processes. The latter is of great interest for non-conventional yeasts used for industrial purposes. To facilitate the identification of these transactivators, we have reanalyzed the(More)