Jean-François Lafay

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—This paper presents an advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) for lane keeping, together with an analysis of its performance and stability with respect to variations in driver behavior. The automotive ADAS proposed is designed to share control of the steering wheel with the driver in the best possible way. Its development was derived from an H2-Preview(More)
— This paper deals with H∞ delay-scheduled control of linear systems with time-varying delays. First, a new model transformation is given which allows to provide a unified approach to stability analysis and state-feedback control synthesis for time-delay systems represented in 'LFT' form. A new type of controller is then synthesized, where the(More)
The stabilization of uncertain LTI/LPV time delay systems with time varying delays by state-feedback controllers is addressed. At the difference of other works in the literature, the proposed approach allows for the synthesis of resilient controllers with respect to uncertainties on the implemented delay. It is emphasized that such controllers unify(More)
Abstrati-We present a semi-canonical form for a class of right invertible systems under the action of the transformation group (T, F, G. II), where II is a permutation matrix acting on the outputs. Under certain additional conditions, this form is canonical. in particular when the system is nonsingular and controllable. 0 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd. All(More)
This paper is concerned with the synthesis of delay-scheduled state-feedback controllers which stabilize linear systems with time-varying delays. In this framework, it is assumed that the delay is approximately known in real-time and used in the controller in a scheduling fashion. First, a new model transformation turning a time-delay system into an(More)