Jean-François Gil

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DESIRS is a new undulator-based VUV beamline on the 2.75 GeV storage ring SOLEIL (France) optimized for gas-phase studies of molecular and electronic structures, reactivity and polarization-dependent photodynamics on model or actual systems encountered in the universe, atmosphere and biosphere. It is equipped with two dedicated endstations: a VUV(More)
It is known that the sources of soil contamination can be endogenous or exogenous and that exogenous contamination may be direct or indirect. In this work, an environmental pesticide fate study was conducted in soil profiles collected from 23 rice field sites in an important Mediterranean wetland (Albufera Natural Park, Valencia, Spain) from April 1996 to(More)
A novel experimental technique for tandem mass spectrometry and ion spectroscopy of electrosprayed ions using vacuum-ultraviolet (VUV) synchrotron radiation is presented. Photon activation of trapped precursor ions has been performed by coupling a commercial linear quadrupole ion trap (Thermo scientific LTQ XL), equipped with the electrosprayed ions source,(More)
We report here the recent upgrade of the SAPHIRS permanent photoionization end-station at the DESIRS vacuum ultraviolet beamline of synchrotron SOLEIL, whose performances have been enhanced by installing an additional double-skimmer differential chamber. The smaller molecular beam profile obtained at the interaction region has increased the mass resolution(More)
We propose a model for rotating current patterns within radiopulsar polar cap accelerators which has observational consequences that mimic those which have been attributed to neutron star precession. The model is a simple extension of a commonly used one for the origin of the ”drifting subpulses” often observed within the pulse envelope of radiopulsars. The(More)
We present a microwave discharge flow tube coupled with a double imaging electron/ion coincidence device and vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) synchrotron radiation. The system has been applied to the study of the photoelectron spectroscopy of the well-known radicals OH and OD. The coincidence imaging scheme provides a high selectivity and yields the spectra of the(More)
We consider generation and evolution of small-scale magnetic fields in neutron stars. These fields can be generated by small-scale turbulent dynamo action soon after the collapse when the proto-neutron star is subject to convective and neutron finger instabilities. After instabilities stop, small-scale fields should be frozen into the crust that forms(More)
We report on new results from simultaneous, dual frequency, single pulse observations of PSR B0329+54 using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope. We find that the longitude separation of subpulses at two different frequencies (238 and 612 MHz) is less than that for the corresponding components in the average profile. A similar behaviour has been noticed(More)
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