Jean-François Chambon

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An arylaminopyridazine derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), SR 95103, has been shown to be a selective antagonist of GABA at the GABAA receptor site. Subsequent structure-activity studies showed that suppressing the methyl in the 4-position of the pyridazine ring, and substituting the phenyl ring at the para position with a chlorine (SR 42641) or a(More)
A synthetic derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), SR 95531 [2-(3'-carboxy-2'-propyl)-3-amino-6-p-methoxyphenylpyridazinium bromide], has recently been reported, on the basis of biochemical and in vivo microiontophoretic studies, to be a potent, selective, competitive, and reversible GABAA antagonist. In the present study, the binding of [3H]SR 95531(More)
Animal models of epilepsy are essential for the search of new effective antiepileptic drugs. Moreover they may lead to the discovery of the basic neuronal dysfunction(s) which underlies human epilepsies. Animal epilepsies as well as experimental seizures are usually considered as valid models of human epilepsies when, and only when, the drugs which are(More)
Ten analogs of muscimol and thiomuscimol in which the amino function was delocalized in an amidinic system were prepared by N2 alkylation of 6-aryl-3-aminopyridazines with (chloromethyl)isoxazole or (chloromethyl)isothiazole derivatives. These muscimol and thiomuscimol derivatives show potent binding properties for GABA-A receptors (they displace [3H]GABA(More)
In view of finding a new gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor ligand we synthesized an arylaminopyridazine derivative of GABA, SR 95103 [2-(carboxy-3'-propyl)-3-amino-4-methyl-6-phenylpyridazinium chloride]. SR 95103 displaced [3H]GABA from rat brain membranes with an apparent Ki of 2.2 microM and a Hill number near 1.0. SR 95103 (1-100 microM)(More)
Three pyridazinyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) derivatives, SR 95103, SR 42641 and SR 95531, have previously been shown to be specific, competitive and reversible GABAA antagonists. For all three compounds selectivity was claimed mainly on the basis of biochemical results. However the absence of an interaction with the binding site for strychnine does not(More)
SR 95531 has been shown to be a potent, selective, reversible and competitive GABAA antagonist. In the present study we report that (3H)SR 95531 binds with high affinity and in a specific and saturable manner to rat brain membranes. Scatchard analysis revealed two binding sites (KD: 6 nM; Bmax: 0.24 pmol/mg protein and KD: 38 nM; Bmax: 0.66 pmol/mg(More)
Two pyridazinyl GABA derivatives, SR 95103 and SR 42641 have recently been described as selective GABAA receptor antagonists. We have now investigated the behavioural effects of SR 95103 and SR 42641 after intrastriatal injection in mice. When injected into the right striatum, SR 95103 (0.01-0.5 microgram), SR 42641 (0.0001-0.01 microgram) and bicuculline(More)
Pyridazinyl derivatives of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) have recently been shown to be selective, reversible and competitive GABAA antagonists. Unlike what is observed with all other GABAA antagonists, the affinity of these compounds for the GABAA receptor is not modified by thiocyanate. The chemical structure of these pyridazinyl-GABA derivatives differs(More)
SR 95103 has recently been described as a selective GABAA antagonist. In this study, the electroencephalographic (EEG) effects of SR 95103 were investigated as well as its central interaction with inhibitory amino acids and muscimol. Slow intravenous infusions of SR 95103 in rats induced epileptiform EEG activities which were antagonized by(More)