Jean-François Bonneville

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This paper describes the Mediating Agent, an animated pedagogical agent inserted in a computational system for distance learning, which has the goal of motivating the student to learn as well as promoting a positive mood in the student, which is more appropriate to learning. In order to accomplish its function, the agent should recognize the student's(More)
Pituitary adenomas are currently classified by histological, immunocytochemical and numerous ultrastructural characteristics lacking unequivocal prognostic correlations. We investigated the prognostic value of a new clinicopathological classification with grades based on invasion and proliferation. This retrospective multicentric case-control study(More)
The purpose of our study was to determine the main anatomical features of the M1 segment of middle cerebral artery (MRA) using a 3D TOF-MRA at 3 T. Reconstructed and post-processed MRA images were independently analysed by two anatomists in order to determine the course patterns, the division patterns and the early cortical branches patterns of the M1(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the potential value of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging in the diagnosis of aortic intramural hematoma (AIH). METHODS From September 2002 to May 2005, a consecutive series of 15 patients with suspected aortic dissection (AD) underwent both IVUS imaging and spiral computed tomography (CT). Six patients diagnosed as acute type B(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the location of the pituitary bright spot in patients with pituitary macroadenomas before surgery. METHODS A total of 54 patients with pituitary macroadenomas were retrospectively included in this study. Nonenhanced spin-echo T1-weighted MR images were reviewed to identify the location of(More)
INTRODUCTION Clinical presentations of prolactinomas are quite different between genders. In comparison with women's prolactinoma, those in men showed predominance of large tumors with high prolactin (PRL) levels. This preponderance could be attributed to a greater proliferative potential of the tumors. Differences in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) signal(More)
PURPOSE There is no detailed description of the pituitary bright spot (PBS) at 3T in the literature. This study assesses detection of PBS on axial source images of 3D TOF sequence at 3T, and reports cysts in this location for the first time. METHODS We retrospectively studied 250 consecutive patients who underwent brain 3T MRI with high resolution 3D TOF(More)
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