Jean-François Boland

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Functional verification is a major bottleneck in today's design flow. Expensive and time consuming, the process of verifying complex designs is actually under serious reconsideration. We propose a new verification framework based on SystemC verification standard that uses MATLAB and Simulink to accelerate testbench development. Our major contributions are(More)
 We proposed in [1] an automatic functional constraint extractor that can be applied on the RT level. These functional constraints are used to generate pseudo functional test patterns with ATPG tools. The patterns are then used to improve the verification process. This technical report complements the work proposed in [1] as it contains the implementation(More)
This paper presents a fault tolerant flight control system. The Extended Multiple Model Adaptive Estimation EMMAE method is used to design the Fault Detection and Diagnosis FDD process. This process is able to detect, isolate and identify in real time faults that occurs in aircraft actuator. Based on information given by FDD process, a Sliding Mode(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to express my gratitude to my supervisor, Prof. Zeljko Zilic, for his guidance over the course of my studies at McGill University. Through his wisdom, he has guided me towards fruitful avenues of research. He has also provided me with insights and feedback that have proven to be invaluable; I am greatly appreciative of his(More)
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