Jean-François Berthon

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We performed measurements of the volume scattering function (VSF) between 0.5 degrees and 179 degrees with an angular resolution of 0.3 degrees in the northern Adriatic Sea onboard an oceanographic platform during three different seasons, using the multispectral volume scattering meter (MVSM) instrument. We observed important differences with respect to(More)
Above- and in-water radiometric data were collected from two coastal platforms: a small boat and an oceanographic tower. The above-water data were processed with and without a correction for bidirectional effects (Q02 and S95, respectively). An intercomparison of water-leaving radiances over a wide range of environmental conditions showed (a) total(More)
Accurate radiative transfer modeling in the coupled atmosphere-sea system is increasing in importance for the development of advanced remote-sensing applications. Aiming to quantify the uncertainties in the modeling of coastal water radiometric quantities, we performed a closure experiment to intercompare theoretical and experimental data as a function of(More)
The uncertainties associated with MERIS remote sensing reflectance (RRS) data derived from the SeaWiFS Data Analysis System (SeaDAS) are assessed with field observations. In agreement with the strategy applied for other sensors, a vicarious calibration is conducted using in situ data from the Marine Optical BuoY offshore Hawaii, and leads to vicarious(More)