Jean François Abgrall

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In the context of biological complex systems multi-agent simulation, we present an interaction-agentmodel for reaction-diffusion problems that enables interaction with the simulation during the execution, and we establish a mathematical validation for our model. We use two types of interaction-agents: on one hand, in a chemical reactor with no spatial(More)
In the context of multi-agent simulation of biological complex systems , we present a reaction-agent model for biological chemical kinetics that enables interaction with the simulation during the execution. In a chemical reactor with no spatial dimension-e.g. a cell-, a reaction-agent represents an autonomous chemical reaction between several reactants : it(More)
Background. Primary bone lymphoma (PBL) is a rare entity that has only been reviewed in one prospective and small retrospective studies, from which it is difficult to establish treatment guidelines. We prospectively evaluated high-dose or conventional anthracycline-cyclophosphamide dose and radiotherapy for PBL. Patients and Methods. The GOELAMS prospective(More)
The study of complex systems consists in considering entities submitted to interactions which define the dynamics of the system. Virtual reality opens the way to interactive simulation of complex systems, so called the in virtuo experimentation. For that purpose we use multi-interactions systems, based on the reification of interactions and multi-agent(More)
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