Jean François Abgrall

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PURPOSE Ten years after the first clinical studies, the clinical impact of myeloid growth factors in acute myeloid leukemia is still unclear. One of the objectives of the Groupe Ouest-Est Leucémies(More)
Effects of recombinant human interferon alpha (HuIFN-alpha) on human megakaryocyte (CFU-MK) and fibroblast (CFU-F) colony-forming cell growth were studied. Concentration-dependent inhibition of both(More)
Inhibitors against factor XI (FXI) have been frequently described in patients who acquired inhibitors (due to auto-immune disorders, malignancies or infections), but less often in those with a(More)
Colony formation by megakaryocyte (MK) progenitors was studied in 36 normal individuals and in 26 patients with primary thrombocythemia (PT) using an improved plasma clot cloning system. MK colonies(More)