Jean-Ferdy Susini

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This paper presents a Java-based reactive programming framework well adapted to the construction of complex behaviors for CG objects within virtual environments. This reactive approach is based on an instantaneously broadcast event model and a semantically-sound synchronous/reactive formalism. The reactive framework degree of expressiveness is illustrated(More)
This paper describes an innovative and highly secure networking architecture, dedicated to the Internet of things (IoT). We propose an infrastructure that works with a new type of tags, supporting the recently standardized host identity protocol (HIP). Our main concern is to ensure RFID tags privacy, while enabling things to things communications.
SugarCubes are a set of Java classes for implementing software systems such a s : Event based systems, especially those where events are instantly broadcast throughout the system. Communicating in this framework is like in radio transmissions, where emitters send information that is immediately received by all receivers. Concurrent systems, in particular(More)
We propose a new scripting language called DSL based on the synchronous/reactive model. In DSL, systems are composed of several sites executed asyn-chronously, and each site is running scripts in a synchronous parallel way. Scripts may call functions that are considered in an abstract way: their effect on the memory is not considered, but only their "(More)
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