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— This paper examines the detection of mechanical load faults in induction motors during speed transients by stator current analysis. Mechanical load faults generally lead to load torque oscillations at specific frequencies, related to the mechanical rotor speed. The torque oscillations produce a characteristic sinusoidal phase modulation of the stator(More)
Keywords: Analytic signal Hilbert transform Bedrosian theorem Fast modulations Concordia transform Space vector Wigner distribution Induction machine Stator current analysis a b s t r a c t This paper deals with mechanical fault diagnosis in three-phase induction machines from stator current measurements. According to machine models, mechanical faults lead(More)
This paper proposes a new method for mechanical fault detection in induction motors. The detection strategy is based on the estimation of a particular stator current parameter. The considered mechanical faults cause periodic load torque oscillations leading to a sinusoidal phase modulation of the stator current. The modulation index is related to the fault(More)
A current-fed inverter-reluctance motor drive controlled in a closed-loop is described. A method of characterization is presented which takes the saturation into account in direct and quadrature axes. An experimental method is described which is able to determine direct and quadrature inductances with influence of the magnetomotive force (MMF) in one axis(More)
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