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A cytokine was identified that stimulated the proliferation of T lymphocytes, and a complementary DNA clone encoding this new T cell growth factor was isolated. The cytokine, designated interleukin-15 (IL-15), is produced by a wide variety of cells and tissues and shares many biological properties with IL-2. Monoclonal antibodies to the beta chain of the(More)
Pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells (PHSC) are very rare cells whose functional capabilities can only be analyzed indirectly. For a better understanding and possible manipulation of mechanisms that regulate self-renewal and commitment to differentiation of PHSC, it is necessary to purify these cells and to develop assays for their growth in vitro. In the(More)
We report the purification and N-terminal amino acid sequence of a novel mast cell growth factor, termed MGF, from the supernatants of a murine stromal cell line. A panel of interleukin 3-dependent cell lines were screened for responsiveness to partially purified MGF in [3H]thymidine incorporation assays; proliferative stimulation of these cells in response(More)
We have previously reported the identification of a novel mast cell growth factor (MGF) that was shown to be a ligand for c-kit and is encoded by a gene that maps near the steel locus on mouse chromosome 10. We now report the cloning of cDNAs encoding the MGF protein. The MGF protein encoded by this cDNA can be expressed in a biologically active form as(More)
Murine B cell stimulating factor 1 (BSF-1) was purified to homogeneity from supernatants of a stimulated thymoma cell line. A protein of 18.4 kD with a unique N-terminal amino acid sequence was identified. BSF-1 had a sp act of at least 3.28 X 10(8) U/mg. In addition to its B cell-stimulatory activity, BSF-1 also stimulated the proliferation of several(More)
Radial glia serve as the resident neural stem cells in the embryonic vertebrate nervous system, and their proliferation must be tightly regulated to generate the correct number of neuronal and glial cell progeny in the neural tube. During a forward genetic screen, we recently identified a zebrafish mutant in the kif11 loci that displayed a significant(More)
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