Jean E. Sammet

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This paper discusses ZBMs technical contributions to high level programming languages from the viewpoint of speciJic languages and their contributions to the technology. The philosophy used in this paper is that it is the appropriate collection of features in a language which generally makes the contribution to the technology, rather than an individual(More)
I am pleased to announce that after consultation with all the other people involved, I have decided to adopt and implement the new Computing Reviews classification system, incorporating the changes described on page 14 by Anthony Ralston. The final version is on pages 17-25. Despite our having given people very little time, the responses we received were(More)
19604984 New cover design initiated with the January 1985 issue. Introduction Computing Reviews has been established by the Association for Computing Machinery at a time when a great ferment has arisen within the Association for more activity on the part of ACM in furthering the development of computers, computation, data processing, and all their various(More)
The first widely available programming language for symbolic mathematical computation to have significant practical usage was FORMAC (FORmula MAnipulation Compiler). This paper discusses the earliest conceptual work in detail, and then provides information about later developments of the language. Other languages and systems of the early and mid-1960s are(More)