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We provide a brief historical background of the development of hydraulic fracturing models for use in the petroleum and other industries. We discuss scaling laws and the propagation regimes that control the growth of hydraulic fractures from the laboratory to the field scale. We introduce the mathematical equations and boundary conditions that govern the(More)
Subpectoral breast augmentation surgery under regional anesthesia requires the selective neural blockade of the medial and lateral pectoral nerves to diminish postoperative pain syndromes. The purpose of this cadaver study is to demonstrate a reliable ultrasound guided approach to selectively target the pectoral nerves and their branches while sparing the(More)
The project "Proche Puits" (" Near Wellbore ") co-funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR) started in December 2007 and ended in May 2011. The project consortium gathered three companies (TOTAL, Schlumberger, and GDF-Suez), two applied research institutes (BRGM and IFP Energies nouvelles), two academic research laboratories (CNRS and(More)
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