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PURPOSE To evaluate the sensory distribution, motor block and the clinical efficacy of the infraclavicular block by the coracoid approach. METHODS In this prospective descriptive study, 150 patients received an infraclavicular block by the coracoid approach performed by a single anesthesiologist. Neurostimulation was used and 40 mL of mepivacaine 1.5%(More)
Menopause is associated with a natural decline in estrogen, that increases visceral fat mass, decreases bone mass density, muscle mass, and strength. This review will examine the role of menopause transition and associated decrease in hormonal status with regards to those changes. We will also overview the efficiency of physical exercise and nutrition on(More)
In an effort to reduce morbidity associated with transfusion of blood products, the use of antifibrinolytics to decrease bleeding and transfusions after cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is receiving widespread attention. The predominant haemostatic defect induced by CPB and, therefore, the mechanisms by which natural (aprotinin) or synthetic antifibrinolytics(More)
In the United States, 1.2 million workers are exposed to metalworking fluids. During operations, aerosols are produced and airborne contaminants can be inhaled. Although biocides are used to control the bacterial content of metalworking fluids, they can create health-related problems, and their efficiency remains to be proved. The objectives of this project(More)
A high-dose regimen of aprotinin 5-6 million KIU is effective in reducing bleeding and the need for homologous blood products (HBP) associated with cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB). These high doses aim at achieving plasmin and plasma kallikrein concentrations which in vitro are inhibitory but, theoretically, smaller doses could suffice in vivo. Also, aprotinin(More)
Subpectoral breast augmentation surgery under regional anesthesia requires the selective neural blockade of the medial and lateral pectoral nerves to diminish postoperative pain syndromes. The purpose of this cadaver study is to demonstrate a reliable ultrasound guided approach to selectively target the pectoral nerves and their branches while sparing the(More)
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