Jean Dauzat

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Understanding the effects of exogenous factors on tree development is of major importance in the current context of global change. Assessing the structure development of trees is difficult given that they are large and complex organisms with lifespan of several decades. We used a retrospective analysis to derive the ontogenetic trends in silver fir(More)
Very high spatial resolution (VHSR) satellite images provide interesting information for parameterizing tree-scale forest process-based models, and in particular their light absorption submodels, which is at the basis of photosynthesis calculation. Such tree-scale models require a large amount of field measurements to describe the forest ecosystems, i.e.(More)
Modelling the phenotypic variability of rosette architecture of Arabidopsis thaliana in several ecotypes and mutants in response to incident radiation The amount of absorbed radiation has a large influence on development, expansion and architecture of plants. We propose a structural-functional approach to analyse and model the phenotypic variability of(More)
This paper gives an overview of French studies realized in the frame of the CNES (French Space Agency) working group on spaceborne lidar missions. These studies include (1) the development of forest scenery and radiative transfer models for the simulation of lidar waveforms under forest cover, (2) preliminary instrumental studies to ensure the feasibility(More)
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