Jean Daniel Abraham

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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) Core has been implicated in immune-mediated mechanisms associated with the development of chronic hepatic diseases. Discovery of different alternative reading frame proteins (ARFPs) expressed from the HCV Core coding sequence challenges properties assigned to Core. This study was designed to evaluate the immunomodulatory functions of(More)
Although reasons for hepatitis C virus (HCV) persistence are still unknown, specific cellular immune responses appear to influence the pathogenesis and outcome of the infection. Apoptosis of cells infected by viruses may appear suicidal to the viruses that induce programmed cell death of its host. However, apoptosis has been suggested to be a response to(More)
Several reports have shown that activity and/or expression of p53 can be modulated by Hepatitis C virus (HCV) proteins and may interfere with normal regulation of cell growth. In order to understand the relationship between p53 function and HCV proteins expression, we have investigated potential effects of the core, NS3, NS5A and NS5B proteins on Huh-7 (p53(More)
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