Jean-Damien Stevenot

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INTRODUCTION We examined the neural mechanisms responsible for plantar flexion torque changes at different joint positions. METHODS Nine subjects performed maximal voluntary contractions (MVC) at 6 ankle-knee angle combinations [3 ankle angles (dorsiflexion, anatomic position, plantar flexion) and 2 knee angles (flexion, full extension)]. Neural(More)
The aim of the study was to compare the fatigue induced by different electrical stimulation (ES) protocols. The triceps surae muscle of 8 healthy subjects was fatigued with 4 protocols (30 Hz-500 μs, 30 Hz-1 ms, 100 Hz-1 ms, and 100 Hz-500 μs), composed of 60 trains (4 s on-6 s off), delivered at an intensity evoking 30% of maximal voluntary contraction(More)
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