Jean D. Fitzgerald

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Natural organic biomass burning creates black carbon which forms a considerable proportion of the soil’s organic carbon. Due to black carbon’s aromatic structure it is recalcitrant and has the potential for long-term carbon sequestration in soil. Soils within the Amazon-basin contain numerous sites where the ‘dark earth of the Indians’ (Terra preta de(More)
The beta-adrenoceptor blocking effects of orally administered atenolol on tachycardia induced by intravenous isoprenaline or by exercise have been studied in normal volunteers, and compared with the effects of similar doses of propranolol. The blood levels of atenolol at various times after oral administration were determined by g.l.c. and correlated with(More)
A photoperiod of 8L/16D for two weeks was used to distinguish between diapausing and non-diapausingTyphlodromus pyri Scheuten. A diet ofPanonychus ulmi orTetranychus urticae, or pollen ofVicia faba did not influence preovipositional periods of diapausing mites. In mid-September, 88% ofT. pyri collected from an insectary were in diapause. The critical(More)
Insect communication is primarily via chemicals. In Aphidinae aphids, the structure and ratio of iridoid (monoterpenoid) chemicals are known to be important components of the sex pheromone. However, for enhanced species specificity, it has been suggested that release of sex pheromone might be restricted to a narrow time period within the diel cycle. Here,(More)
Two species of Neoseiulus, N. californicus and N. cucumeris, showed potential for biocontrol of phytophagous mites on strawberry. N. californicus controlled Tetranychus urticae on potted strawberry plants in a gauze-sided glasshouse at temperatures comparableto early summer in the UK (8–20°C). Both species of phytoseiid reducednumbers of the tarsonemid(More)
Serum beta(IC) globulin, the third component of the complement system, was estimated by the single diffusion method (Oudin) and its significance in human glomerulonephritis was evaluated. This protein was depressed in two of three cases of acute proliferative glomerulonephritis and nine of 12 cases of acute glomerulonephritis. Beta(IC) globulin continued to(More)
The non-stimulant cardioselective beta adrenocepter antagonist atenolol has been studied in volunteers in order to define its pharmacokinetic characteristics. Atenolol (100 and 200 mg orally) is rapidly absorbed, reductions in heart rate and systolic pressure being observed in 30 min. The effect persists for up to 8 h. Over 85% of an intravenous dose is(More)