Jean-D Bignon

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We report herein the results we obtained and the limitations we experienced during the production and use of a bank of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-transformed human cytotoxic T lymphocytes (EBV-CTLs). To assess the feasibility and toxicity of this strategy, we selected and stored, in liquid nitrogen, 4 billion EBV-CTLs from each of the 13 selected donors.(More)
In mechanically ventilated patients (pts), nosocomial pneumonia (NP) often originates from oropharyngeal (0) and gastric (C) flora. The main bacterial reservoir is not clearly defined. The goal of this study was to establish a relationship between quantitative bacterial culture of salivary (S) and (G) samples and the occurence of NP. We conducted a(More)
There is general agreement on the characteristic features of the established adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Admittedly the condition may fully develop within a few hours, but even so, I was intrigued by the unwillingness of a panel of experts at a recent international scientific meeting even to attempt a consensus on its earliest(More)
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