Jean-Désiré Rakotoson

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To alleviate the insufficient number of experienced medical teams invited to and accepting to monitor the effectiveness of drugs prescribed to patients with a diagnosis of uncomplicated malaria and to insure the surveillance of the susceptibility of P. falciparum to current antimalarials used in Madagascar, there is a need to draw a feasible study protocol(More)
The authors reported the results of paludometric and entomological studies carried-out for two years: 1995-1996 in two localities: Ampanihy and Ankilimivory located in the South of Madagascar. These studies followed a suspect malaria epidemic in Ankilimivory in June and July 1994; the population plasmodic index was of 45%. In April 1995, this data was of(More)
Authors record the results of entomological and paludometric studies which were run on July 1994 in Ampanihy (Southern Madagascar), since an epidemic of malaria occurred in that region. Although the risk of epidemic malaria is described in the Southern Madagascar, paludometric indexes found in these surveys are pertinent with a mesoendemic malaria. The(More)
The purpose of this article is to present data on malaria in the central highland plateaux of Madagascar and strategies to improve the national malaria control program. Use of rapid diagnosis strips, early home-based fever management with pre-packaged chloroquine treatment kits and proposed new therapeutic combination based on artemisinine are discussed for(More)
If seafood poisonings are well documented in the Pacific region, they are not often reported in the Indian Ocean. In Madagascar, fishermen and people living in coastal areas are traditionally aware of seafood poisonings. Mass intoxications were described in the sixties, including lethal cases following sardine ingestion. From 1989 to 1993, 28(More)
OBJECTIVES To monitor the sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to the drugs used to treat severe malaria and to prevent malaria in Comoros and Madagascar. DESIGN We used the in vitro isotopic method to test the sensitivity of P. falciparum to quinine, mefloquine and cycloguanil. RESULTS We tested fresh isolates of P. falciparum, collected from patients(More)
The authors describe the results of an entomological study run in December 1994 in the little town of Bezaha (South-Western Madagascar). The observed entomological indexes are those of an intensive malaria transmission area. The authors suggest to organize a longitudinal entomological survey along with a clinical and parasitological study. They also point(More)
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