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BACKGROUND Because of the diffuse nature of gliomatosis cerebri (GC), surgery is not suitable, and large field radiotherapy carries the risk of severe toxicity. In this setting, initial chemotherapy warrants further investigation. METHODS The authors treated 63 consecutive patients with GC with initial chemotherapy consisting of either PCV (procarbazine,(More)
According to World Health Organization (WHO) and Daumas-Duport grading systems, progression of oligodendrogliomas (ODGs) to a higher grade (WHO grade III, grade B) is associated with increased angiogenesis. Based on multivariate assessment of molecular, pathological, and radiological parameters, we further assessed the influence of tumor angiogenesis on(More)
The French selegiline multicenter trial was conducted in 1990 to test the possibility to improve disability of de novo parkinsonian patients (P.P.) during the first three months of treatment with selegiline (S) (10 mg/day) monotherapy. 93 P.P. were included in this double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled, clinical trial, in which 13 centers(More)
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