Jean-Claude Zenklusen

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Finding better therapies for the treatment of brain tumors is hampered by the lack of consistently obtained molecular data in a large sample set and the ability to integrate biomedical data from disparate sources enabling translation of therapies from bench to bedside. Hence, a critical factor in the advancement of biomedical research and clinical(More)
Molecular diagnostic tools are increasingly being used in an attempt to classify primary human brain tumors more accurately. While methods that are based on the analysis of individual gene expression prove to be useful for diagnostic purposes, they are devoid of biological significance since tumorgenesis is a concerted deregulation of multiple pathways(More)
Genomic copy number alterations are widely associated with a broad range of human tumors and offer the potential to be used as a diagnostic tool. Especially in the emerging era of personalized medicine medical informatics tools that allow the fast visualization and analysis of genomic alterations of a patient's genomic profile for diagnostic and potential(More)
We have made our study over a period of five months. Out of 553 patients admitted to the Thermal Clinic at Lavey-les-Bains, we observed 111 patients suffering from chronic low-back pain, noting the changes, both subjective and objective, during their three-week stay at the clinic. From the physical aspect, they were encouraged to increase lumbothoracic(More)
We describe six cases of adult onset Still's disease diagnosed between 1981 and 1987. These cases are well representative of the different clinical and evolutive features of this disease. Two patients had visceral involvement, two suffered from destructive arthritis. The evolution was very variable and depended on the severity of articular and visceral(More)
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