Jean-Claude Samin

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An original procedure for the estimation of the barycentric parameters of a robot is presented. This procedure requires only the processing of measurements provided by an external experimental setup. The procedure is based on the property that the relations between the robot motion and its reactions on the bedplate are completely independent of the internal(More)
The internal forces in the human body in motion could provide valuable information for the evaluation and follow-up of subjects with musculo-skeletal pathologies, such as scoliosis, but are still difficult to accurately measure. In this context, the objective of this study is to quantify the global intervertebral torques along the spine during walking, in(More)
  • Ingenieurswetenschappen Faculteit, Toegepaste Vakgroep, Mechanica, Joris Naudet, Vrije Dirk Lefeber, Universiteit Brussel +4 others
  • 2005
Preface The increase in processing power and the theoretical breakthroughs achieved in multibody systems dynamics have improved the usefulness of dynamic simulations to such an extent that the development of a whole range of applications has been triggered. Dynamic simulations are used for the analysis of mechanisms, for virtual prototyping, simulators,(More)
Experimental robot identi"cation techniques can principally be divided into two categories , based on the type of models they use : internal or external. Internal models relate the joint torques or forces and the motion of the robot; external models relate the reaction forces and torques on the bedplate and the motion data. This paper describes how internal(More)
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