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Comparative leadership : pathways, scope and values in DRC-English 'urban' schools
Purpose/context: This research compares the accounts of two experienced urban primary heads based in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo-DRC) with two others based in Sheffield/Doncaster
Small state governmental capacities and strategies to influence the EU decision-making process: a case study of Malta
The thesis is divided into two main parts: Parts I and II. Part I includes the literature review besides all the theoretical, conceptual and methodological research of the thesis. Part II encompasses
The Role of Geographic Information System Technologies in Mapping Land Use Planning And Management in Rwanda, Case of Ntarama Sector in Bugesera District
This research focused on the Role of GIS Technologies in Mapping Land Use Planning and Management in Ntarama Sector, presents the applications of Geo-informatics System in three different land-use
The David R. Tillinghast Lecture: Can a Subsidiary Be a Permanent Establishment of its Foreign Parent?
Can a subsidiary be the permanent establishment of its foreign parent company? As far as the OECD is concerned, the answer is negative. In its August 2004 draft on attribution of profits to PEs, the
Slope failure analysis, its causes and suggestion of stable solution in Rutsiro district, Western province of Rwanda
This research assesses the factors that influence slope failures in western province of Rwanda, especially on muhanga –karongi road in rustiro district, their impacts on the livelihood of the people
C Analyzing the Impact of Service Quality Antecedents on Customer Satisfaction : The Case of Foreign Users of China Mobile Services in Shanghai
Among other sectors such as trade, financial affairs, economics, shipment, and IT appliances, Shanghai has become one of the fastest growing and largest international metropolises in the world. With
Increasing wealth disparity, polarization of discourses, move into the Anthropocene epoch, people’s migration, terrorism...are all pieces of evidence that our worldview ought to evolve quickly if we