Jean-Claude Peyrin

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Zinc has been known for a long time to facilitate wound healing. But, so far, supplementation trials in patients treated by major severity surgery gave either partial or controversial results. In a doublebind, randomized study including 30 patients, we show that zinc supplements (30 mg/d for 3 d) administered by a drip correct postoperative drop of serum(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the incidence and the risk factors of catastrophic cervical spine injuries in French rugby. STUDY DESIGN Descriptive epidemiology study. METHODS The patients included had cervical spine injuries causing neurological disorder classified from the ASIA scale, grade A to D. A retrospective review of all cases that occurred between the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study evaluated a strategy for implementing continuous quality improvement based on a decentralized quality management system in the clinical departments of a hospital. SETTING The institution is a 2000-bed teaching hospital of tertiary health care employing 8000 people. METHODS The quality management intervention was tested in six(More)
Recurrent concussions are suspected to promote the development of long-term neurological disorders. The study was designed to assess the prevalence of major depressive disorder, mild cognitive disorders and headache in a population of retired high-level sportsmen and rugby players and to study the link between scores evaluating these disorders and the(More)
BACKGROUND An understanding of the epidemiology of shoulder dislocation/subluxation in rugby union players could help develop targeted prevention programmes and treatment. We performed a multiyear epidemiological survey of shoulder dislocation/subluxation in a large cohort of rugby players. METHODS A descriptive epidemiological study was performed(More)
For many years, a number of laboratories have been working on the applications of very low field NMR. In 1985, our laboratory presented the first NMR images using the earth's magnetic field. However, the use of this technique was limited by the weakness of the signal and the disturbing effects of the environment on the signal-to-noise ratio and on the(More)
Relaxation times T1 and T2 of water protons for stimulated and unstimulated parotid and submandibular saliva from healthy patients were measured in the conventional way using the Bruker PC 20 Minispec. Some measurements of dispersion were also carried out. An interpretation of the average values for T1 and T2 observed in the 20 MHz range is proposed for(More)