Jean Claude Pautard

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We tested a real-time PCR assay targeting the Pneumocystis jirovecii mitochondrial large subunit rRNA gene on 240 archival nasopharyngeal aspirates from non-immunosuppressed infants. The sensitivity of this assay appeared close to that of a conventional nested-PCR assay targeting the same locus. Because of its one-step procedure, and its sensitivity and(More)
A prepubertal boy with hypopituitarism, mental retardation, dysmorphia and solitary maxillary central incisor is described, karyotypic studies showed deletion of the short arm of chromosome 18 (46, XY, del (18) (p11). It is suggested that caryotypic studies is of interest among the patients with midline defects and/or hypopituitarism.
We report the case of 3 1/2 year old child presenting a left pleuropericarditic cyst causing febrile cough and an opacity of the left lower lobe of the lung. We underline the importance of computed tomography of the thorax allows differential diagnosis with encysted effusion. Surgical treatment rarely indicated in pleuropericarditic cysts has stopped(More)
We report a case of respiratory arrest in a ten-year-old asthmatic girl under beta-2-agonists and theophylline. The possibility that hypokalemia plays a part in the sudden deaths seen in some asthmatic patients is discussed.
A retrospective survey concerning all patients ages 12-19 who had registered themselves at the admitting service of the paediatric emergency unit in the university hospital centre of Amiens was carried out in 1995. 2812 adolescents were received (18% of total admissions). The male/female sex-ratio was 1 to 3. The average age was 13.2 years old.(More)
Posterior and upper mediastinal localization of the thymus gland is uncommon in young children. Presenting symptoms and signs are very variable from incidental diagnosis to bronchopneumonial with atelectasias of the left upper Chest X-Ray and CT Scan are sufficient to make the diagnosis. Treatment of complicated forms with bronchial compression requires(More)