Jean-Claude Liehn

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UNLABELLED A tool was developed for automated intrapatient comparison of brain SPECT images, with specific emphasis on gray-level normalization. METHODS Ictal and interictal (99m)Tc-ethyl cysteinate dimer SPECT images were acquired for 6 children with partial epilepsy (age range, 2-10 y). For each patient, 3-dimensional rigid geometric ictal-to-interictal(More)
In order to perform automatically the thresholding of the amplitude image obtained by phase analysis, a filter based on the probability density of the amplitude is proposed. It generates the image of the significant amplitude by setting to zero the amplitude if its square is lower than 4a0 log(1/alpha)/N where a0 is the mean of the signal, alpha the risk of(More)
A new method for analyzing cardiac parametric images is introduced. Its original feature is the representation of local heart motion in a polar coordinate plane which makes the integration of the information contained in three parametric images possible. These images are calculated using first harmonic Fourier filtering and are the maximum volume image, the(More)
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