Jean-Claude Lafon

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Statistically progressive deteriorations in the population, due more to pathological impairments than to aging properly speaking, must be distinguished from presbycusis. The onset of auditive impairment varies with genetic factors. In a statistical audiometric study, it is found that the better the hearing of a subject before the impact of presbycusis, the(More)
In the emerging field of E-Commerce we show the great potential interest to create 3D virtual shopping centers. The study of a specific application: the creation of an electric household applicants warehouse enables us to highlight the possibilities of the VRML2.0 language to model, visualize and to do interactive walking inside the warehouse. Key features(More)
The hearing of 23 children with cleft palates was studied at an early age (before 12 months) and before pharyngoplasty using the electrophysiologic method of auditory brain-stem response. Nineteen children showed important degrees of conduction deafness of 50 or 60 dB. Results were compared with those obtained for a group of normal children tested under the(More)
The authors developed a simple radioisotopic method for determining the left ventricular ejection fraction with 99mTc-labelled red blood cells. The semi-quantitative data is acquired at the equilibrium stage and gated to the ECG. The results of this atraumatic and reproducible isotopic determination of LVEF correlate statistically well those of(More)