Jean-Claude Jolly

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The D(1) dopamine receptor, G protein gamma(7) subunit, and adenylylcyclase are selectively expressed in the striatum, suggesting their potential interaction in a common signaling pathway. To evaluate this possibility, a ribozyme strategy was used to suppress the expression of the G protein gamma(7) subunit in HEK 293 cells stably expressing the human D(1)(More)
Beneath 5,000 meters of water midway between Hawaii and California, the Hawaii-2 Observatory (H2O) rests on the seafloor (Figure1). The dream of a deep-ocean scientific observatory is a reality. Telemetry and power comes via a retired telephone cable—Hawaii-2—donated by AT&T to the IRIS Consortium for the benefit of the scientific community. H2O is the(More)
To reinforce interest of a general optimization algorithm obtained in a previous paper (Jolly et al., 2005), we consider three applications : an original one about control of cycles for a thermostat with anticipative resistance, a classical one with a new resolution for a car with two gears and a last one about an obstacle-avoidance problem in robotics. For(More)
Mots-clés: adsorption de CO2, thermographie IR, spectroscopie DRIFT, méthodologie haut-débit, modélisation thermique, chaleur d'adsorption, technique inverse. Abstract: CO2 capture via adsorption process on porous materials (adsorbents) is a promising alternative due to its high selectivity and low energy penalties. We have investigated in-situ CO2(More)
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