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Workplace Spirituality and Organizational Performance
This article reviews the literature on workplace spirituality, pointing out emergent theories and examining the links between this phenomenon and organizational dynamics. It also examines workplaceExpand
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Morals, Ethics, and Integrity: How Codes of Conduct Contribute to Ethical Adult Education Practice
This article examines the similarities and differences in the concepts or in the usage of the terms “integrity”, “morals” and “ethics” to provide a framework for understanding why these concepts areExpand
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Organizational Social Capital and Anticorruption Policies: An Exploratory Analysis
This paper relates the concept of organizational social capital (OSC) with the literature on corruption and anticorruption policies. Theories that analyze organizational social capital have alwaysExpand
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The Global Wave of Refugees and Migrants: Complex Challenges for European Policy Makers
This article reviews the burdensome problem posed by the arrival in the European countries of large number of refugees and migrants from countries at war or with little economic opportunities. ItExpand
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Domestic Wastewater Management in a Rural Community in Colombia
This article describes a case study of a process of technology transfer for the collection, transportation, treatment, and final disposal of domestic wastewater in the rural community of La Florida,Expand
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The Quest for Public Service Ethics: Individual Conscience and Organizational Constraints
Contemporary public organizations are facing numerous challenges. Most critical is the use of bureaucratic discretion and ethics. A changing public service demands individual public officials to actExpand
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Governance – Why Gender Matters?
In the United States of America and other countries around the world, the evidence of women in governance positions in highly underrepresented. This is due to many factors which are discussedExpand
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History and Development of Migration Challenges
The movement of people from one place to the other is a phenomenon that has existed for probably almost as long as humanity. Thus, migration marks one persistent dynamic in human history. The reasonsExpand