Jean-Claude Duchêne

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A theoretical model of dynamic surface myoelectric signal (SMES) suitable for periodic exercise has been developed. It has been shown that the spectral content of SMES in the very low-frequency band can be related to burst patterns of SMES. Burst patterns were compared during cycling exercises at different pedaling rates. A simple spectral parameter,(More)
The effects of temperature and food addition on particle mixing in the deposit-feeding bivalve Abra alba were assessed using an experimental approach allowing for the tracking of individual fluorescent particle (luminophore) displacements. This allowed for the computations of vertical profiles of a set of parameters describing particle mixing. The frequency(More)
Physiological signals recorded after presentation of a stimulus can be considered as the sum of an evoked sensory response and uncorrelated noise corresponding to the spontaneous neural background activity. In case of low signal-to-noise ratio, the sensory signal is estimated by averaging a large number of single trial records sampled under the same(More)
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