Jean-Claude Duchêne

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The perturbing influence of respiration on balance was studied in sitting and standing subjects. The pneumograms and displacements of the centre of pressure of 10 normal subjects were recorded during quiet breathing, deep breathing and apnoea. The usual stabilometric parameters were measured, and a power spectrum density and time-locked averaging were used.(More)
A theoretical model of dynamic surface myoelectric signal (SMES) suitable for periodic exercise has been developed. It has been shown that the spectral content of SMES in the very low-frequency band can be related to burst patterns of SMES. Burst patterns were compared during cycling exercises at different pedaling rates. A simple spectral parameter,(More)
The growth, tentacle development and feeding activity of the benthic polychaete Eupolymnia nebulosa were examined to determine whether UV might affect marine deposit-feeders indirectly through the modification of the nutritional quality of their resources. Since marine invertebrates have higher nutritional requirements during the period following(More)
Physiological signals recorded after presentation of a stimulus can be considered as the sum of an evoked sensory response and uncorrelated noise corresponding to the spontaneous neural background activity. In case of low signal-to-noise ratio, the sensory signal is estimated by averaging a large number of single trial records sampled under the same(More)
The effects of temperature and food addition on particle mixing in the deposit-feeding bivalve Abra alba were assessed using an experimental approach allowing for the tracking of individual fluorescent particle (luminophore) displacements. This allowed for the computations of vertical profiles of a set of parameters describing particle mixing. The frequency(More)
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