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The first identification of anatoxin-a in a French lotic system is reported. Rapid deaths of dogs occurred in 2003 after the animals drank water from the shoreline of the La Loue River in eastern France. Sediments, stones and macrophytes surfaces at the margin of the river were covered by a thick biofilm containing large quantities of several benthic(More)
Irgarol 1051 is a recent herbicidal compound, inhibitor of photosynthesis, used in antifouling paints. This toxic is persistent in aquatic environments, with low abiotic and biotic degradation, highly phytotoxic, and has already been detected in estuaries and coastal areas, with suspected negative impacts on non-target organisms (aquatic plants and algae).(More)
We have tested the sensitivity of phytoplankton to the herbicides atrazine and nicosulfuron in experiments conduced in increasingly complex systems, from single strain phytoplankton cultures (microplates) to mesocosms mimicking whole ecosystems. The endpoints used to assess sensitivity to atrazine and nicosulfuron were total biomass increase, photosynthetic(More)
The Stephanodiscus (Diatoms) of Lake Geneva: Taxonomic changes, description of a new species (Stephanodiscus irregularis) and seasonal distributions. Both light and electron microscopy have been used to describe the species of Stephanodiscus collected in the plankton of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman, France-Switzerland) during the last few years. Eight taxa have(More)
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