Jean-Claude Caritez

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A quantitative trait locus (QTL) analysis of growth and fatness data from a three-generation experimental cross between Meishan (MS) and Large White (LW) pig breeds is presented. Six boars and 23 F1 sows, the progeny of six LW boars and six MS sows, produced 530 F2 males and 573 F2 females. Nine growth traits, i.e. body weight at birth and at 3, 10, 13, 17(More)
Litter characteristics at birth were recorded in 4 genetic types of sows with differing maternal abilities. Eighty-two litters from F(1) Duroc x Large White sows, 651 litters from Large White sows, 63 litters from Meishan sows, and 173 litters from Laconie sows were considered. Statistical models included random effects of sow, litter, or both; fixed(More)
A three-step experimental design has been carried out to add evidence about the existence of the RN gene, with two segregating alleles RN- and rn+, having major effects on meat quality in pigs, to estimate its effects on production traits and to map the RN locus. In the present article, the experimental population and sampling procedures are described and(More)
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