Jean-Claude Berges

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11 12 This paper describes a methodology to use the passive microwave measurements of the 6.9 13 GHz bandwidth of the AMSR-E sensor which is the most sensitive to surface soil moisture, to 14 constrain satellite-based rainfall estimates over a semi arid region in West-Africa. The paper 15 focuses on the aptitude of AMSR-E measurements to inform if rain(More)
In this paper, the ACOMAR RED network is introduced. This network is an experimental complex oceanographic data acquisition system according to GOOS program targets (EuroGOOS in Europe). We can outline features such as authorized users running external queries or the system sending messages via email or SMS when measurements are outside a certain range. We(More)
10 The detection and quantification of an underwater gas release is becoming increasingly 11 important for oceanographic and industrial applications. Whilst the detection of each in-12 dividual bubble injection events, with commensurate sizing from the natural frequency of 13 the acoustic emission, has been common for decades in laboratory applications, it(More)
This paper presents some numerical simulations of rounding errors produced during evaluation of Chebyshev series. The simulations are based on perturbation theory and use recent software called Aquarels. They give more precise results than the theoretical bounds the diierence is of some orders of magnitude. The paper concludes by connrming theoretical(More)
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